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WREN Hydraulic Wrench - Promote The Development Of The Industry With The Strength

WREN Hydraulic wrench - Promote the development of the industry with the strength

With the continuous development of technology, many hydraulic wrench companies have started restructuring, innovative production concept to help construction companies and maintenance personnel to quickly solve the installation and removal of bolts and maintenance and other issues. As the hydraulic wrench has a very wide range of performance, therefore, in the field of heavy industry, which also occupies a pivotal position. Among all hydraulic wrench brands, Hangzhou Wren Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. With strong production scale and strong financial strength, create another miracle of the industry, and to promote the spirit of innovation to flourish hydraulic wrench industry .

Hangzhou WREN Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 1992, experienced with manufacturing hydraulic torque wrenches, hydraulic pumps, hand pumps, hydraulic cylinders, bolt tensioners, hydraulic pullers. Based on strong production capacity, WREN create an outstanding hydraulic torque wrench brand, also got many users and enterprises trust and support. Introduce Germany latest innovations, with WREN production experiences, WREN  was sufficiently prepared to break through the traditional technology of hydraulic wrench.


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