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Why Does The Hydraulic Cylinder Move To Crawl, How To Eliminate

                1 reasons other than hydraulic cylinder 1 the stiffness of the motion mechanism is too small to form an elastic system. Elimination method: The stiffness of the relevant components is appropriately improved to reduce the elastic deformation. 2 The hydraulic cylinder installation position accuracy is poor. Elimination Method: Improve the assembly quality of the hydraulic cylinder. 3 the static friction coefficient of relative moving parts is too different from the dynamic friction coefficient, that is, the friction change is too large.Hydraulic Cylinder

                As the rotational speed increases, the friction moment drops, which is called friction moment negative damping characteristic (also known as friction moment descent characteristic), is the main reason of producing low-speed creeping. At this point, the friction moment decreases with the increase of the speed of movement, mainly due to the change of lubrication conditions. When the object is stationary, the lubricating oil between the two lubrication surfaces is squeezed out, dry friction or similar to dry friction, until the speed increased to a point 3 o'clock, completely converted to wet friction, when the two metal surfaces to create a layer of oil film, separated by oil molecules, at this time the friction moment is positive damping characteristics, can prevent the object to produce high-speed vibration. The movement speed continues to increase, the friction moment also continues to increase because the lubricating oil has the stickiness, when the movement speed increases to certain numerical value, the friction moment no longer changes with the speed change. Elimination Method: The relative motion surface is coated with a layer of anti-climbing oil (such as molybdenum disulfide lubricating oil), and ensure good lubrication conditions. The manufacturing and assembling quality of the guide rail is poor, so the friction increases and the force condition is not good. Elimination Method: Improve manufacturing and assembly quality.Hydraulic Cylinder

                The hydraulic cylinder itself reason 1) the hydraulic cylinder has the air, causes the working medium to form the elastomer. Exclusion method: The full exclusion of air, check the hydraulic pump suction tubing diameter is too small, suction pipe joint seal good, to prevent the pump suction air. 2) The seal friction force is too big. Elimination method: Piston rod and guide large cooperation with the use of H8/f8, the size of the sealing ring should be strictly in accordance with the standard processing, the use of V-shaped sealing ring, should be the sealing friction adjustment to moderate degree. 3 The sliding part of the hydraulic cylinder has serious abrasion, tension and biting. Hydraulic Cylinder


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