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Type Of Hydraulic Cylinder And Troubleshooting

       According to the common structure of the hydraulic cylinder, it can be divided into four types: one, piston-type single piston rod hydraulic cylinder Only one end has a piston rod. As shown in the figure is a single piston hydraulic cylinder. Both ends of the import and export of oil port A and B can be through pressure oil or oil, in order to achieve two-way movement, it is called double action cylinder. Second, plunger type characteristics: 1. It is a single acting hydraulic cylinder, liquid pressure can only achieve one direction of movement, the plunger return to rely on other external forces or the weight of the plunger; 2. The plunger is only supported by the cylinder sleeve and does not contact with the cylinder sleeve, so the cylinder sleeve is easy to process, so it is suitable for the long stroke hydraulic cylinder. 3. The plunger is always under pressure at work, so it must have sufficient stiffness; 4. Plunger weight is often large, horizontal placement is easy due to weight and droop, resulting in seals and guide unilateral wear, so its vertical use is more advantageous. Telescopic type telescopic hydraulic cylinder has two or multi-stage pistons, as shown. Telescopic hydraulic cylinder of the piston out of the order from large to small, and the order of the empty retracting is generally small to large. The telescopic cylinder can achieve a long stroke, while the retract length is shorter and the structure is compact. This kind of hydraulic cylinder is often used in construction machinery and agricultural machinery. Four, swing-type swing hydraulic cylinder is the output torque and realize reciprocating motion of the executive components, also known as swing-type hydraulic motor. There are two forms of single blade and double blade. The stator block is fixed on the cylinder body while the blades and the rotor are connected together. According to the direction of oil intake, the blades will drive the rotor to oscillate reciprocating.Hydraulic Cylinder.

          Troubleshooting of Hydraulic Cylinders 1. The sealing ring of the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic accessory is pressed too tightly or too loose. The sealing ring should be adjusted to make it have the appropriate tightness, to ensure that the piston rod can be smoothly pulled back and forth without leakage; 2. The piston is not in good alignment with the piston rod, should be corrected, adjusted; 3. Piston Rod rigidity is bad, enlarge piston rod diameter; 4. Hydraulic accessories of the hydraulic cylinder moving parts between the gap is too large, should reduce the coordination gap; 5. Hydraulic Accessory Hydraulic Cylinder Installation position offset, should check the hydraulic cylinder and guide the parallelism, and correction. 6. Hydraulic Cylinder inner diameter linear difference (drum shape, cone, etc.), should be repaired, the counterweight piston; 7. Corrosion and nap in the cylinder should be removed from rust and Burr, and should be boring and grinding in strict time Should loosen the nut slightly, make the piston in the natural state; 9. HYDRAULIC Accessories Hydraulic Cylinder After installation and guide rail is not parallel, should be adjusted or reinstalled; 10. The piston rod is bent, should be straightening the piston rod; 11. There is air intrusion in the cylinder, should add the exhaust device, or make the hydraulic cylinder with the maximum travel speed movement, forced to exclude air.Hydraulic Cylinder.


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