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Performance Characteristics And Failure Analysis Of Hydraulic Torque Wrench

     First, wrench characteristics: The use of High-tech aerospace materials and ultra-high-strength alloy steel manufacturing, integrated molding fuselage, the overall strength of the fuselage, toughness, can be 360°x180° rotating tubing joints, no use of space restrictions, free operation, trigger-type lock buckle, easy to press, can be arbitrary to 360 ° fine-tuned reaction arm fixed on a solid fulcrum using a precision ratchet, precision up to ±3%
    Second, failure analysis: 1, oil leakage and pressure on the phenomenon: because of the high strength of the oil cylinder seal ring deformation, resulting in oil leakage and pressure not to go, or pumping station for a long time to lead to high oil temperature, a wrench head to seep oil, the main reason is caused by improper operation of hydraulic wrench, there is no reasonable use of wrench, the work of too long or the intensity of the work is too large, beyond the pressure of the hydraulic wrench, leading to the internal damage of the hydraulic wrench, resulting in the phenomenon of oil spills or pressure on the phenomenon. 2, inability or not to work phenomenon.Hydraulic Torque Wrench
    Inability or not to work is due to the long-term use of hydraulic wrenches, wear larger, parts also do not have timely updates or maintenance is not in place, resulting in a hydraulic wrench rust or loose. In the work of the time will find that the hydraulic wrench is powerless or inflexible, can not meet the needs of production, Ratchet and Pawl and other parts will have serious damage.Hydraulic Torque Wrench
    Driven hydraulic wrench is a standard four square drive shaft, with different specifications of the sleeve, suitable for a variety of occasions, the maximum use of high-strength light metal, integrated molding power head, improve the overall strength and longevity; larger torque/weight ratio, double action, high speed, big corner, high efficiency, 360°x360° swivel hose joint makes use in the narrow space convenient, will not appear the mechanism card dies, the torque repetition accuracy up to ±3%, loosens without other tools, the storage box protects the wrench head to avoid the damage, Water immersion and dirty, moving parts less, durable, easy to maintain. With the general use of High-strength bolts above 8.8 level, the hydraulic wrench becomes necessary for the use of joints and preload to meet the design requirements.Hydraulic Torque Wrench
    The type-driven hydraulic wrench has compact structure, small volume, light weight and large output torque, which is a powerful tool for removing bolts and tightening the bolt. Torque control in this 3% range, can meet the connection preload high-precision torque value requirements. One-way ratchet pawl machinery to prevent drive shaft reversal, to ensure reliable operation, adjustable support arm, fully adapt to different operating environment, not limited by space, easy to operate.Hydraulic Torque Wrench


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