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Introduction, Application Range And Characteristics Of Hand Pump

      Hand Pump Overview: In the last century 90 's, China's electromechanical industry imported advanced assembly and fastening technology, the use of high-strength hydraulic nuts, hydraulic tensioner at the same time as a power source at the same time introduced ultra-high pressure manual hydraulic pump. Manual pump is a kind of hydraulic pump. As a hydraulic system power source, mainly by the fluid (hydraulic oil, saponification oil, water, etc.) as a medium. General manual hydraulic pumps are plunger horizontal design, ultra-high pressure manual pump from the double plunger to produce ultra-high pressure. As a simple and convenient hydraulic power source, ultra-high pressure manual hydraulic pump is widely used in many fields such as shipbuilding, coal mining machinery, petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power and heavy machinery. and its small size, light weight, easy to carry, strong security and other advantages are accepted by the vast number of users. After the run-in with the domestic market and testing, the current production of ultra-high pressure manual hydraulic pump fully adapted to the market demand, work pressure for 100; built-in pressure relief valve, in order to prevent overload the pump also has a safety relief valve, secondary flow design, the first-class low pressure displacement of 33CC, two-stage high pressure when the displacement is 1.6CC; under constant power condition, low pressure and large flow oil supply, high pressure small flow oil supply, saving time and improving efficiency. The overall size is 585, with a total oil weight of around 11Kg. The use of this pump is convenient, flexible, low labor intensity, durable, is an ideal ultra-high pressure hydraulic power source.Hand Pump.

       Hand Pump Application scope: 1, traffic Accident rescue earthquake and other disaster rescue accident Rescue 2, complex terrain or difficult to enter the area of rescue. Manual pump Features: 1. The machine is lightweight, small in size, easy to carry; 2. The unique mixing device can make the sealing agent mixing extremely evenly, exert the maximum effect of the sealing agent, and thus improve the effect of sealing hole; 3. Ability to transfer the sealing agent to the depths of the hole, can also be combined with our company to provide the sealing scheme, on-demand sealing holes in any section, to avoid the coal fracture area, to save the amount of hole-sealing agent, improve the quality of sealing; 4. No need to use electricity, gas drive, manual operation, do not produce noise at work, safe and reliable; 5. Simple structure, easy to operate, component adjustment, assembly and disassembly convenient, easy to repair and maintenance; 6. Can be applied to a variety of viscosity of the fluid medium, at the same time the proportion of the slurry can be adjusted.Hand Pump.


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