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Hydraulic Pump Plug PUMP

              The Straight-axis oblique disc piston pump is divided into two types: pressure-oil-supplying type. Pressure oil-supply hydraulic pumps are mostly used gas tanks, there are also hydraulic pump itself with the oil pump to the hydraulic pump to provide pressure oil inlet. Self-priming oil-type hydraulic pump has a strong ability to absorb oil, no need for external oil. Pressure fuel oil tank, after each start of the machine, must wait for the hydraulic tank to reach the use of air pressure before the operation of machinery. If the pressure of the hydraulic tank is not enough when the machine, will be on the hydraulic pump and the sliding whip caused the pull off phenomenon, will cause the pump inside the return plate and the plate of abnormal wear.Hydraulic Pump

              The use of filling oil pump plunger pump, after the operation, the operator needs to check the plunger pump 1-2 times a day, check the operation of the hydraulic pump sound is normal. such as the discovery of hydraulic cylinder speed drop or stuffy car, it should be on the oil pump disintegration check, check the edge of the impeller whether there is scratch phenomenon, internal gear pump clearance is too large. Since the oil-suction plunger pump, the oil in the hydraulic oil tank shall not be lower than the lower limit of the oil standard. The higher the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil, the longer the service life of the hydraulic pump.Hydraulic Pump

              Plunger pump The most important part is the bearing, if the bearing has a clearance, you can not guarantee the internal three pairs of friction between the normal clearance of the hydraulic pump, but also will damage the static hydraulic support oil film thickness of the friction pairs, reducing the plunger pump bearing service life. According to the data supplied by the hydraulic pump factory, the average life of the bearing is 10000h, and the new port is needed to replace the value. Demolition of the bearings, no professional testing equipment is unable to detect the bearing clearance, only use visual, such as found that the roller surface scratches or discoloration, it must be replaced. In the replacement of bearings, should pay attention to the original bearing of the English letter and model, plunger pump bearings are mostly used large load capacity bearings, the best purchase of original manufacturers, the original specifications of the product, if the replacement of another brand, should consult the bearing experienced personnel check table Exchange, the purpose is to maintain the precision of bearings and load capacity.Hydraulic Pump


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