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Fault Analysis Of Hand Pump

     Hydraulic pump is a kind of hydraulic element which provides pressurized liquid for hydraulic drive, and is a kind of pump. Its function is to convert the mechanical energy of the power machine (such as motor and internal combustion engine, etc.) to the pressure energy of the liquid. Output flow can be adjusted according to the need to be called variable pump, flow can not be regulated by a quantitative pump. The hydraulic system commonly used in the pump has gear pump, vane pump and plunger pump 3 kinds. Gear Pump: Small size, simple structure, the cleanliness of the oil requirements are not strict, the price is cheaper; but the pump shaft is unbalanced, the wear is serious, the leakage is larger.Hand Pump

     Vane pump: It is divided into double action vane pump and single acting vane pump. This pump flow uniformity, smooth operation, low noise, working pressure and volumetric efficiency than the gear pump high, the structure is more complex than gear pump. PLUNGER PUMP: The volume efficiency is high, the leakage is small, may work under the high pressure, mostly uses in the high-power hydraulic system, but the structure is complex, the material and the processing precision request is high, the price is expensive, the oil cleanliness request is high. In general, the gear pump and vane pump can not meet the requirements of the plunger pump.Hand Pump

      Find the cause of the failure from the following three points during maintenance and improve the system: check the internal leakage of the boom cylinder. The easiest way to do this is to raise the arm to see if there is a noticeable drop in freedom. If the whereabouts of the obvious removal of ultra-high pressure manual pump cylinder inspection, seal ring if worn should be replaced. Check the control valve. First cleaning safety valve, check whether the valve core wear, such as wear should be replaced. If the safety valve is not changed after installation, then check the control valve spool wear condition, its clearance use limit is generally 0. 06mm, wear seriously should be replaced.Hand Pump

      Measure the pressure of the ultra-high pressure manual pump. If the pressure is low, then the adjustment, add pressure is still not up, then the hydraulic pump serious wear. Generally speaking, the main reason for the failure of the movable arm belt is that the hydraulic pump is badly worn. In the low-speed operation of the pump leakage is serious; high-speed operation, ultra-high pressure manual pump slightly improve, but because of the pump wear and leakage, volume efficiency significantly reduced, difficult to achieve the rated pressure.Hand Pump


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