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Characteristics Of The Hand Pump

     When it comes to manual pump products believe that many users have some understanding, then we use the manual pump should pay attention to what problems? How should we prevent the use of product failures? Add or replace the oil to the required oil level according to the season. Remove the foreign body in the tubing and tighten the bolts or nuts at the joint.Hand Pump

     The manual pump replaces the worn gear pump or the oil pump sleeve, and the face is worn slightly when the wear is flat. Its roughness allows the error 0.03mm; the upper sleeve end surface is lower than the manual hydraulic pump body on the plane (the normal value is lower than 2.5~2.6mm), such as when the super difference should be installed in the sleeve plus 0.1~0.2mm copper chip to compensate, installation should be sheathed in the rear axle Manual pump unloading and sealing ring must be installed in the inlet cavity, the two bushings to maintain balance. The unloading plate seal ring shall have a preload capacity of 0.5mm.Hand Pump

     Manual pump products small size, light weight, compact structure, simple operation, ultra-high pressure, small displacement, with low pressure pump to improve work efficiency. Pressure vessels can be directly tested, equipped with oil cylinders and machinery can be lifting, jacking, bending, straightening, stretching, punching, riveting, disassembly and other operations.Hand Pump

     Manual pump access to the hydraulic system or oil suction pipeline, if not completely exclude the pipeline and pump gas, the pump will appear, after pulling the pressure out of the oil, before pushing the pressure or no oil out of the abnormal working conditions. Hand Pump

     The exhaust steps of the manual pump are: Open the oil discharge handle, push the handle to the end before pulling in place, so repeat 5-6 times (suction tubing diameter φ8, length of 1-1.5 meters) can, at this time to push the end of the handle, close the oil handle, the pump gas has been excluded, the pump has been in normal working condition.Hand Pump


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