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Characteristics And Use Steps Of Hydraulic Torque Wrench

        The characteristics of hydraulic torque wrench: First, the performance and characteristics of the driving type 1. Maximum working pressure 70MPA, the accuracy reaches Kai 2. The model is full, the bolt covers the broadest product 3. The square drive connection high-strength sleeve work, the bolt adapts the range to be wide 4. The trigger-type lock buckle can be 360 ° fine-tuned type of counter arm placed on any fixed Fulcrum 5. Aluminum-Titanium alloy body, high-strength, high toughness 6. New type of anti-loose joint, to ensure that the oil circuit unblocked 7. The pressure-torque table for laser engraving is easy to use.Second, the performance and characteristics of the hollow type 1. Maximum working pressure 70Mpa, accuracy to Kai 3.360 or 360 rotary tubing connector, no use space limit 3. Direct action on the NUT, torque more accurate, lighter 4. One-type lengthened design, longer arm, the reliability of a comprehensive upgrade 5. Aluminum and titanium alloy body molding, high-strength, high toughness 6. New type of anti-loose joint, to ensure smooth flow of oil.Hydraulic Torque Wrench.

        The use of hydraulic torque wrench: Hydraulic torque wrench is an industrial strength torque wrench, it has the ability to play a large bolt head with strong torque, usually mainly used in industrial piping engineering, oil drilling and other large industrial structures. Step 1th-Mounting parts when your hydraulic torque wrench is removed, you will have to assemble it to use it. Please connect the hose to the other end of the power pack and hydraulic torque wrench. and tighten any connectors to ensure the safety of all connections between the three-piece hydraulic torque wrench set. Of course sorting is also very important, you should not change the explanation in the Setup Guide. Step 2nd-Adjust all hydraulic torque wrenches to have adjustable settings, and when you use it, you can set the correct torque level for specific items. If your project has a predetermined level of torque, you should be aware of this and set the corresponding control. If no specific torque setting is recommended, please start the minimum setting and start working. Be careful not to tighten any heavy bolts or nuts as they will be possible to break the thread. Actually one of the best ways is that you can get a torque conversion diagram to help you correctly use your hydraulic torque wrench. Step 3rd-Install the hydraulic torque wrench on the side of the hydraulic torque wrench and generally have a big hole that looks like a hexagonal bolt or nut in the exact shape. If you have a slightly different hydraulic wrench (which will happen, depending on the brand, type and manufacturer), as long as you follow the instructions of the user manual. Make sure you fully understand the operation instructions for the power tools and electric machinery before you use it. Step 4th-Use the hydraulic torque wrench Once you are connected to the tube nut of the hydraulic torque wrench, make sure that the washer is properly aligned and positioned. This is critical for some projects. Usually it just takes you to press two tubes together (unless it is mechanically) and then starts the hydraulic wrench. Additional pressure regulators should be relaxed so that your hydraulic torque wrench makes final adjustments. Similarly, you will need to familiarize yourself with the hydraulic torque wrench of your model so that the adjustment is performed correctly. and open the hydraulic torque wrench to make it reach the correct torque level. Once it stops automatically, you can release the torque wrench mechanism and remove it.Hydraulic Torque Wrench.



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