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C-frame Hydraulic Press

1 General description

C-frame hydraulic press, for c-arm-type fuselage structure, 1. the use of submerged-arc welding, by vibration treatment after welding to ensure no deformation of the fuselage. 2. the fuselage QT450 spheroidal graphite cast iron, heat treated, stress relieving, normalizing, natural aging processing to eliminate internal stress, ensure performance of cast iron to prevent deformation and failure of casting. Located inside the fuselage of the hydraulic system, in appearance, easy to operate. Mainly suitable for metal products, such as stretch, molding and pressing processes, suitable for processing of non-metal materials, powder metallurgy product suppression and correction of shaft parts, parts of the press-fit and sizing, edge cutting technology of metal products. This series of presses equipped with independent hydraulic and electrical control systems, centralized control buttons used, forming process of


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